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I am a Licensed Psychologist who offers psychological services in Greensboro NC. I have a general practice helping individuals and couples overcome mood disorders, anxiety orders, eating disorders and relationship difficulties to help them live more full and productive lives.

I have over 17 years of experience in counseling and psychotherapy. I am also an Adjunct Faculty member and executive coach at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro where I coach executives from all over the world, and also teach conflict resolution classes.

In addition to my private psychology practice, I have founded Next Step College Admissions and Career Counseling in Greensboro to further my passion to help high school students find a college that is the “best fit” for them. I also enjoy helping college students find majors and careers that are the “best fit” for them. Also included in this practice is career counseling for adults who are wanting to change careers.  She completed the Certification for Independent Educational Consultant at UC Irvine in March 2016.  She is an associate member of IECA and SACAC. 

Facts about an Independent Education Consultant

According to the Independent Educational Consultants Association: 

  • Only 4 in 10 high school students reported receiving any college-related information from their school counselor. 

  • U.S. public high school students receive an average of 38 minutes of personal advising on College Admission.

  • In public schools there is a ratio of 476:1 (student:counselor)

  • 26% of high-achieving seniors hired an IEC in their college search/application process

  • Students who work with an IECA member are 4x more likely to attend private college and are 3x more likely to attend an out-of-state college

  • IECA members are the most thoroughly vetted and ethical professionals

After I finished my doctorate in clinical psychology and my certification as an executive coach, I completed the Certification for Independent Educational Consultant at UC Irvine in March 2016.  I am the only Certified Independent Educational Consultant in Greensboro.  I am also an associate member of IECA anType your paragraph here.

What is an Independent Educational Consultant? 

Independent educational consultants (IECs) help find the right school or college for your student. A great match between a school's offerings and your student's academic, social, and community needs and desires will enrich and enhance your child's life and can impact his or her future. Finding the right fit is where an IECA member educational consultant plays a vital role.

IECA members can be trusted to meet your family's needs because they have met the highest standards in the profession. IECA's required qualifications include: a master's degree; at least three years of admissions counseling experience; and experience working with scores of students. We also require extensive campus visits-our members, on average, have visited over 150 campuses each, and continue to visit an average of 35 campuses annually. 

I encourage you to learn more by reading this article from IECA. 

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